About us

About us

TEKO is the Swedish trade and employers’ association for companies working in the textile and fashion industry. We have about 340 member companies with a combined work force of 7 000 employees. Their operations range from global corporations with a hundred years in business to newly established sole proprietorships. They work in different fields of textile production such as fashion and apparel, technical textiles and interior textiles, many with a focus on export. We are also the national member for Sweden to GINETEX – the International Association for Care Labelling, thus entitled to provide Swedish textile companies with a license granting them the right to use the ISO care label symbols found in the standard ISO 3758:2012 and owned by GINETEX.

What we do

TEKO represent the sector, both nationally and internationally, in all questions of common interest and inform customers, suppliers, media, the public and the government about the Swedish textile and clothing industry, its companies and its products. An important task is to supply information and service to our member companies. The market, the European Union, national and European legislation, CSR and environmental issues, intellectual property rights, contract areas and labour law are the core of our operations. We offer attractive logistic deals with many of the leading logistics operators thanks to the concept TEKO-Logistik and we offer support in trade fairs, media contacts and lobbying. We assist our members in their role as employer and supply our member companies with standard agreements and other contractual aids to help them in their business.

Our negotiation activities aim at keeping our members’ business activities free from labour market interruptions. We enter into collective agreements with our trade union counterparts and represent our member companies in negotiations relating to these agreements.

TEKO monitors environmental issues that are important to our member companies from a national as well as an international perspective and also the latest developments in international trade negotiations.

TEKO offer advice and education in labour rights, trade and environmental issues, labelling requirements etc.

Our network

We are members of the Swedish Confederation of Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv). Our head office is located in Stockholm and through a rewarding collaboration with the Swedish Engineering Industries (Teknikföretagen) we have ten regional offices distributed over the country. We grant different annual scholarships to successful textile fashion and textile engineering students at the two most prominent Swedish institutes for higher education in textile and design, Beckmans College of design and the Swedish School of Textiles. Furthermore, we have close ties with our Nordic and north European sister organisations, working together for free trade, minimised barriers to trade and for simple and transparent rules.

The foundation for Swedish textile research (Stiftelsen Svensk Textilforskning)

The foundation was founded in 1943 by TEKO and its aim is to support and promote technical-scientific research and higher education of textile products and their production and use. Funds are granted to institutions, universities, colleges, organisations or collaboration initiatives. Research outcome must be made public and benefit the Swedish textile sector as a whole.


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